• Hahaha, I wonder who finally got the job. Well, Mel always wins. >> Fight Promotion
  • Wow...girl, you are skilled...I sure hope he still has all his teeth! >> Bag Check
  • She gave you the real "Dance Fu" style lol... @BoldButterfly I agree, I love her dance moves,... >> Dance Fu
  • Mind your own business bruh...Clawdia is a no-nonsense woman, she will kill you!! >> Rollover
  • ...and just like that, she is the boss now!! >> The Successor
  • Damn,What a fight..i can't let my eyes off >> Tornado
  • Very skillful and fast at every move. You blew my mind. >> Tornado
  • Serves him right! Your stature deceived him... I like how you dealt with him hahaha >> The Successor
  • No way!!! I didn't see the end coming. Well, that's what you get when you decide to take advantage... >> Rollover
  • Please go look for the person who sent you both and beat him up ha-ha...you just got played! >> Fight Promotion
  • Oh my gosh, she can flex! She got the best dance moves...and the best"hits"! >> Dance Fu
  • ...you still into stronger women...I bet not anymore ha-ha. >> Notorious

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